WWE Fastlane 2023: Is This the End for Gunther? Former NXT Champ Strikes Back!

On this episode of Monday Night RAW, Gunther, the Intercontinental Champion, continued his impressive reign that has now spanned over 400 days. Gunther has held the title with authority, showcasing his dominance in the ring alongside his fellow Imperium stablemates.

In a highly anticipated match, Ludwig Kaiser, potentially Gunther’s Fastlane 2023 opponent, faced off against Tommaso Ciampa. Gunther was keenly observing the match from backstage, knowing that the outcome could have significant implications for his future as champion.

The match itself was filled with intense action, with both Kaiser and Ciampa delivering hard-hitting blows to each other. Midway through the match, Giovanni Vinci, Kaiser’s teammate, attempted to create a distraction. However, this move backfired, as it only succeeded in distracting the referee, not Ciampa. This distraction cost Kaiser a valuable pinfall opportunity, and he lost his temper with Vinci.

Kaiser’s frustration with Vinci allowed Ciampa to seize the moment and hit Kaiser with a devastating running knee, securing the pinfall victory. As the dust settled in the ring, Ciampa sent a clear message to Gunther, signaling his intent to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship and end Gunther’s historic reign.

With Tommaso Ciampa now on the horizon as a formidable challenger, the question lingers: Can anyone finally dethrone Gunther and put an end to his impressive championship run? Wrestling fans will be eagerly awaiting the answer as Fastlane 2023 approaches.

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