Unlocking Musical Magic: Lil Yachty & J. Cole’s ‘The Secret Recipe’ Lyrics Exposed!

Lil Yachty and J. Cole joined forces to make a new song called “The Secret Recipe.”

In the song, Yachty talks about not smoking weed. He talked about this in an interview earlier this year.

Rolling Stone asked if he ever takes psychedelics when making music, and Yachty said no. He said, “Nope. Not at all. I can’t make music when I’m on drugs. I have to be completely sober. But I’ve done it enough times to know what I want. I don’t need to be high to make it sound like it is.”

They also made a music video for the song, and in it, you can see the rappers performing in an empty arena.

You can watch the music video below and get the song on iTunes.

watch the music video: https://www.justjared.com/2023/09/29/lil-yachty-j-coles-the-secret-recipe-lyrics-revealed-plus-watch-the-video-now/

Image Source: https://pitchfork.com/news/chief-keef-taps-lil-yachty-for-new-song-come-on-now-listen/

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