The Ultimate Gamers’ Dream: Cooler Master’s $3,799 Sneaker Gaming PC Revealed!

If you really like shoes or sneakers, you’ll be excited about Cooler Master’s new gaming computer called the Sneaker X. This computer looks just like a real sneaker but is also powerful. It has a fast i7-13700K processor and a powerful RTX 4070 Ti graphics card. But, it’s quite expensive, costing $3,799.99 on Wario64.

The case of the Cooler Master Sneaker X computer is very unique. It looks like a big sneaker with red and white colors. Inside, there’s a small computer with a mini-ITX motherboard, the i7-13700K CPU, the RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, 32GB of DDR5 memory, 2TB of storage, and a strong 850W power supply. It also has a big 360mm liquid cooler to keep it cool. The cooler hides the CPU at the bottom of the case.

For airflow, the sneaker case has holes on the sides and a big colorful fan on the side. There are also openings on the top and front to see inside the case. In the back, where your foot would go if it were a real shoe, there’s a big opening to show the graphics card and in the front, there’s another opening to see the power supply, colorful DDR5 RAM, and the back of the motherboard.

The Cooler Master Sneaker case is designed to fit all the computer parts comfortably. The left side has the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and storage, while the right side has the graphics card.

The Cooler Master Sneaker X computer costs $3,799 right now. If that’s too expensive, there’s another version with the same CPU, RAM, and storage for $3,499. But, these computers sell out quickly, especially on Amazon. So, you’ll need to be fast if you want one.

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