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CSO Partners is a non-profit that is committed to mobilizing resources and providing appropriate support services for Civil Society Organizations. Through an extended base of consortium partners specialized in relevant services, CSO Partners develop appropriate program opportunities for various contributors who include government‚ corporate bodies and individuals to engage with civil society organization in a process of social change that benefits all stakeholders. It has established a support partners’ network in varied areas ranging from donor services‚ volunteering, social investment services‚ financial management‚ governance‚ documentation‚ advocacy and communications.

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This section is managed by the NGO and civil society stakeholders. Information here provides civil society organizations to promote dialogue and disseminate information on development and to enhance collaborations and learning with key players in the development sector. The purpose is to have greater control over development processes and make these inclusive and equitable.

Kosi division cut off as floods damage bridge
Times New Network

Posted: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

 Kosi division cut off as floods damage bridge



SAHARSA: The Kosi division in Bihar, comprising Saharsa, Supaul and Madhepura districts, has once again become an island following suspension of vehicular traffic on the newly built steel bridge near Dumrighat. More than 50 lakh population in these three districts are facing problems as road communication to the state capital and other parts of Bihar has come to a halt due to the damage caused to the bridge by the Kosi and Bagmati floods. 

According to sources, many pillars of the bridge have been weakened due to heavy soil erosion in their basements as a result of which vehicular traffic on the bridge has been stopped by the authorities. 

The BP Mandal bridge, commonly known as Dumrighat bridge in Khagaria district, which has virtually been the lifeline for Kosi division for the last 19 years, was closed for vehicular traffic following major damage caused to two pillars of the bridge in November 2010. The closure of the bridge had caused great difficulties to the common people as it was the only entry point or the gateway of Kosi region to be directly linked with Patna and other parts of the state. The essential commodities, too, have been scarce leading to hike in their prices. 

The Bihar government realizing the problems facing the Kosi people had approved the construction of a steel bridge to provide alternative means of communication. The bridge built at the cost of nearly Rs 17 crore provided the much needed relief to the people, but this, too, proved a short-lived measure which could not last more than a month. This bridge had been opened for public convenience in the last week of May this year. 





Source :- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/patna/Kosi-division-cut-off-as-floods-damage-bridge/articleshow/9191294.cms

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